Care Breaks New Ground

Care Breaks New Ground


Care were approached by Bradford Council to help an individual stay in his long term home. The gentleman has lived in his home for the last five years, but his private landlord had decided to sell the property. Care bought the house to allow him to stay in the home he loves and is familiar with.

Our new tenant can now continue living in the home he loves, and will benefit from an upgrade to his property to make it even better than it was before. His sister wrote to the support provider to say “Please could you pass on my thanks to the Housing Provider (I am crying as I write this!) for the security they are giving my brother.  It isn’t possible to put into words how much of a relief this is and how amazing it is for him, his staff and us!



NHS South Cheshire CCG and NHS Vale Royal CCG contacted Care for help finding a property for a young man who had been living in hospital care for a considerable length of time, partly due to being unable to find suitable housing for his needs. The purchase of the property was funded by NHS England, and Care undertook a lengthy refurbishment project to bring the house up to standard and to tailor it to the tenants specific needs. Numerous housing providers did not want to get involved due to the complexities and initial funding issues, which meant it was a very stressful time for his family. The young man’s mother has been very involved with the property search and refurbishment work, as well as putting together her own support team and personal budget.

After several months the house was ready to move in. The family said he settled in straight away and keeps saying ‘he feels as free as a bird’! The whole family have had a very stressful experience prior to finding the house, and Care are proud to have been able to help both the tenant and his family to finally find a sustainable home perfect for his needs and wishes.

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