Satisfaction Survey and Prize Draw!

Satisfaction Survey and Prize Draw!

Every year we seek feedback from our tenants and their support teams to see how we might be able to improve our services.

We asked to be rated out of very satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and dissatisfied. The questions related to four different service areas: housing management, repairs, white goods repairs and garden maintenance.

This winter we also gave an incentive of £50 per tenant to go towards and outing or activity, the winner was drawn at random before Christmas and the lucky tenants from a shared house in Stockport are planning what they will do.

We are pleased to say that there was just 1 dissatisfied response out of 773 individual questions answered. It was in relation to white goods repairs and understanding customer needs. This was accompanied by a comment about changing needs of tenants and bathrooms needing adaptations, so not actually relevant to white goods repairs. We had already advised this household on how to seek input from an occupational therapist about bathroom adaptations. Considering this we can confidently say that we got no dissatisfied responses.

Overall, over 95% of our customers were either satisfied or very satisfied with the services we provide across the board, the remainder being neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. This doesn’t mean we wont strive for improvements. We are carrying out reviews of some of our key services this year to see how we can improve delivery and value for money and we are always happy to hear how you think we are performing as this will help us get even better.


Have a look at the video of the prize draw on our Facebook page here.

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