Our Customers

Our Customers

The majority of our customers come from residential accommodation, or from their family homes. From the first day they are given the opportunity to enter supported accommodation through Care, we provide support and assistance to make the move as easy and smooth as possible. This includes offering them choices in everything from accommodation, furniture, decoration, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring… you name it! It is of paramount importance to us that our customers stamp their own individuality and character on their new homes in order to make them more sustainable and, ultimately, to ensure our customers are happy.


Here are just a few comments from our many happy customers which show what a positive impact offering them life choices has had…

I moved to my new home in February 2017 from a long stay hospital where I lived for 23 years. Since leaving there I have been supported by the best team of support workers who have helped me to experience new things every day, things I never knew even existed or I could be a part of. It was scary at first as I was unsure about what to expect and the big changes to come. They showed me the ropes of looking after my home and taught me the skills I need to help me become an independent person; responsibility isn’t as daunting as it once was. I even help out with interviewing new support workers, after all, we need to get on and have things in common. My team have helped me achieve my ambition of getting a job, I now work in a local community café where I help out twice a week and during events, I love my job and take my role seriously. I never imagined I would ever have a holiday but my support workers are helping me to plan and save up to have a weekend away in Southport this summer, my first ever holiday! My team have supported me through some difficult times and I have learnt that I can trust them as they help me feel safe and empowered to make my own choices. They have helped me make new friends in the town where I live and helped me to improve my independence by treating me as equal, they understand the help I need and are always by my side through thick and thin. We love planning parties and inviting all my new friends. They have helped me understand that living in my own home in the community is the place for me and the big changes that once scared me are in fact positive changes that have enabled me to be more independent.


Care Housing Association customer

Care was appointed by Lancashire Social Services to identify, purchase and manage a significant building alteration, to a house that would be home to our severely disabled son and two other disabled young men. Care’s Development Manager was given the responsibility to complete this task. From our first meeting, we welcomed his evident experience, enthusiasm and his willingness to include the three sets of parents, as active partners in this project. A house was duly bought, alterations completed, all within budget and timescale. As parents we were included in every step of the process and were encouraged to use our time, energy and experiences in this vital undertaking in our son’s welfare. Care have given us and our son excellent commitment and service and a suitably adapted and refurbished house of the highest quality. Care continues to deliver to our son, as their tenant, the highest standard of consideration and support.

Mr. S. Arkinstall

Parent of a Care Housing Association customer

Our son, Jordan, is a severely disabled young man and we wanted to secure quality housing in which he would be happy. After Jordan became housed with another housing provider in which he shared a property with two other boys, all seemed okay. However, as time went on and we learnt a lot more we realised that the housing provider was really poor and we had quite a few battles with them to make the house acceptable for the boys. We reached a stage that we could not work with them so we looked for a new provider and we came across Care Housing. What a difference!! They listened very carefully to what our son wanted and needed and very quickly started to look at what was available. They looked at lots of properties with all the parents, gave advice when it was asked for, and made time to get to know our boys. They showed us another property that they have so that we could see their high standards and we were very impressed with them (still are!).Once we finally found the right property they very quickly got the plans drawn up and discussed them with the parents made alterations if needed and involved the parents every step of the way. The boys finally moved into their new house in January 2011 and are very happy. If anything is needed we phone Care Housing and talk it through with them. The house is beautiful, the boys have got a great home where they are very happy and comfortable and we know that they are in the best of hands. We would recommend Care Housing to anyone looking for the best for their relatives…we have not been disappointed with anything. Our son deserves the best and we know he now has it – THANK YOU CARE HOUSING.

Sam and Peter Johnson

Parents of a Care Housing Association customer

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