Why I love working for Care Housing by Claire Judkins, Housing and New Homes Manager

I started working for Care 5 years ago. I never really knew the type of career I wanted, and chose to study sociology at university simply because I found it interesting, rather than as a stepping stone to a particular career path.

After university I spent time travelling then found myself working in the travel industry for the next few years, first as a holiday rep in Greece, then for a travel agency, before spending time in customer service for a large airline.

Relocating from Newcastle for my husband’s job meant I needed to look for a new job. A new city to live in made me think about a new type of job, and I started to think of what interested me to give me ideas for a new career. Studying sociology had given me a good understanding of the impact housing can have to all areas of someone’s life, so I started to look for jobs within the social housing sector. I thought it would be quite interesting and rewarding, and certainly a change from handling cancelled flights, lost baggage and angry passengers.

I found a job working as a housing officer in an office located on site at an over-55s housing scheme. Being based on site meant I got to know all of the tenants and contractors well and enjoyed getting to know a lot of different characters. I found the job was varied and rewarding, but eventually chose to leave work to start a family so took time out to look after our two daughters.

After three years I was starting to consider if the time was right to start back into work when a friend told me about a job she had seen advertised. As soon as I read the job description and looked into what Care Housing did I knew it was the job for me. I was delighted when I was offered the job and found myself being only the second employee for the company. Care has grown significantly over the 5 years since I started and I have really enjoyed being a part of this. My role as Housing and New Homes Manager means I have the privilege to work directly with potential tenants, their families and support teams to discuss the kind of home that would suit their needs, then spend time finding a home just right for them. Enabling tenants and their families to feel a part of the process of searching for a house and being involved throughout the renovation process from start to finish is very rewarding. Visiting people after they move in to their new homes, and hearing from them and their families about how the new home has had such a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing, mental health as well as physical health, is a great part of the job. I look forward to welcoming many more new tenants in the future as Care continues to grow.

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