Despite the many hardships and extra stresses the coronavirus pandemic has placed on billions of people worldwide, it is perhaps an opportunity to take advantage of a rare time when the world has been able to put ‘normal life’ on hold and reflect on how we can improve our lives going forwards.

One such area is the impact we, as individuals and as a company, are having on the environment. Some of our team members have been doing a bit extra on this front outside of work – picking up litter on local walks and recycling what they can (then washing hands thoroughly!) as well as sharing tips for being more eco-friendly.

So what are we doing at Care?

We are currently reviewing our working practices and approach to the environment, which will include things such as how we can maximise use of technology (which has been around for way longer than this pandemic) to reduce our time travelling. We will also consider how we can lessen our carbon footprint through recycling, more efficient use of resources to reduce waste, and using less energy as we go about our daily business (did you know keeping lots of old emails uses energy in data storage?). We are also committed to ensuring we give greater consideration to the environment in how we develop new properties, and make sure they can run efficiently for years to come.

Of course there is the risk that the focus on coronavirus will distract from the ‘hot topic’ of the environment. At Care we endeavor to ensure this is not the case by introducing a new environmental policy over the next few months which will provide a statement of our intent going forwards. We will also share tips with tenants and their support teams, and ensure the environment, and the positive impact we can have, is a standard agenda item at our Board and Development Committee meetings so that it remains at the forefront of our thoughts.


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