Our wish to support people in any way we can

We at Care Housing Association (Care) are always on the look out for any groups we can get involved with who could benefit from our services. We want to expand our housing services and work in innovative ways, not just stick to what we’ve done in the past. We’re a relatively small housing association who aren’t looking to take over the world but we are interested in expanding our portfolio and we’re happy to think outside the box to do that.

We’re at the beginning of an exciting new relationship with Dance Syndrome, a fabulous, multi award winning, inclusive dance charity based in Lancashire. They include everyone regardless of ability. Dance Syndrome is much more than a group of people who enjoy to dance, they are a family who look out for each other in so many ways, including networking with organisations like Care for some of their members who have unmet housing needs. We were more than happy to respond, and once Covid-19 restrictions allow us to, we have a session planned where we will be meeting with some parents who want to speak to us about future planning for and needs of their adult dependents.

Future planning is an area which concerns many people and causes a lot of anxiety. We want to really listen to parents and their dependents to find out what the concerns are, consider legalities around these issues and think creatively to see what could be done to set up an ideal home for the future.

We were so impressed with Dance Syndrome that we decided to sponsor them and hope this is the start of a long and happy involvement. Take a look at their website to find out more and view some great video clips.

We’re eager to come and speak with any families, groups or social work agencies, particularly in the North West of England, who could make use of our services. We are experts in the supported housing field and we have team members on hand with a strong knowledge of learning disabilities and mental health issues who would be very happy to come and speak with you!

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