As I approach 10 years at Care Housing Association (Care), I have been reflecting on what we have achieved during that time. When I first started, as a slightly wet-behind-the-ears 30-year-old with a background in ‘general needs’ housing, it was impressed upon me that Care was here for the tenants. This might seem an obvious thing to say but, whilst other RPs have grown beyond recognition during the last decade, Care has stuck to its original values of delivering a person-centred approach to housing and ensuring risk is a key driver of our decision-making process. That is not to say that growth is a bad thing, or that Care hasn’t grown during this period; rather that in a constantly changing sector with risks around commissioning challenges, perceived high rent levels and the constant threat of changes to the benefits system, Care has retained a rightly cautious approach.

Care has grown relatively significantly during the last 10 years, from a 1-man, unregistered, 75 unit accommodation landlord to a 7-strong staff team and a charitable RP with over 300 units (43 of which are owned), and with a strong financial base…there is a lot for the team and our dedicated Board members to be proud of. The drivers for all of this are the values that guide our work at all levels throughout the Association:

  • We are inclusive and adaptable to the needs of our tenants, colleagues and partners.
  • We consider our tenants in all that we do and we are empathetic to their needs.
  • We empower our tenants to help improve their lives.
  • We are innovative and creative.
  • We are respectful, fair and accountable.

This approach has given Care the reputation of a high-quality, respectable and trusted housing provider in the areas where we operate. The strong relationships we have with commissioning teams, care providers and our tenants mean we are in a position to continue to deliver much needed and sought-after housing for the people we serve.

Matthew Eddisford, Chief Executive


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