At Care we are keen to empower our tenants to have a positive impact on their lives. Providing quality homes is very much the root of this, but we like to think we go that little bit further than most other landlords – one example of this is through our Care Foundation. The Care Foundation was set up to fund opportunities for our tenants to enhance their lifestyles, be it through experiences, improvements to their homes which are outside the scope of landlord responsibilities or providing equipment and resources to help progress their personal aims. Each year we set aside a pot of money which is ring-fenced purely for this purpose.

The majority of our tenants are able to access funding of up to £500 through the Care Foundation. Applications to the fund are really easy and our housing officers work hard to ensure it is accessible to as many of our tenants as possible. We do ask that tenants applying have no rent arrears and have demonstrated that they are adhering to the terms of their tenancies. A PDF leaflet with further details can be viewed here.

All applications are considered by our small team of dedicated staff and have funded things such as:

  • A trip to a sporting event
  • Conversion of a garage into a luxury ‘man cave’
  • A summerhouse at the end of one of our gardens
  • Sewing equipment for a keen crafter
  • A laptop with software for an aspiring DJ
  • A tablet to enable tenants to stay in touch with loved ones during lockdown

Helping people in this way is something we’re very passionate about and we know it can have a huge difference on our tenants’ lives.

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