In May 2020 Care Housing Association was asked to look for a house for three adult siblings with learning disabilities to live in Stockport. At this time estate agents were closed due to COVID-19 lockdown, and viewing properties was not permitted.

Care’s Housing and New Homes Manager, Claire, spoke to the mum to get initial details, but the search, like many things in 2020, was put on hold.

In July 2020 estate agents reopened and the government started to allow property viewings to take place again.

A meeting was held with Independent Options, who already provided support for the three siblings and would continue to do so in their new home, plus their mum, so that a discussion could take place to find out what each of the three individuals would need from their new home. Claire then had enough details to start to look for properties.

Claire and the mum both spent a lot of time looking online for suitable houses, and any that looked like they may be suitable were viewed together. Care understand it is important for family members, or those that know the tenant(s) well, to be involved in the property search.

After viewing several houses, and each being not quite right, we found the ‘one’! The house was in need of a lot of modernisation but was on a quiet cul-de-sac with lots of space inside, plus a lovely garden.

The next step was to arrange a second viewing, where Claire discussed with our building contractor, John Southworth Builders, and Care’s surveyor, Mark, exactly what work would be needed to make the house suitable for the three tenants.

Once property purchases are complete, Care carry out renovation works to make the property suitable for the tenants prior to them moving in.

Keep checking our website for updates and photos to see how it progresses.

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