Steven, pictured above, moved to one of Care’s supported living properties last year after leaving a care setting – we were pleased to help him settle into his first tenancy. Housing Officer Jonny checked in with him recently and Steven had a few things to say about life in his new home:

My name is Steven, I started living in my new flat in August 2020.

I really like living in my new flat, I have learnt to cook and clean which is something I never did when I lived at home with my foster parents, I have all my favourite things in my flat like my television, football table and in my garden, I have my basketball hoop which I can play at any time, unless it is raining.

I have a walk-in shower room with a sink and toilet, a very big bedroom with my drum kit, bed, and wardrobe and then I have a big room and kitchen with an oven a sink and my fridge freezer. I love cooking food especially eating it.

My room has everything I need, I know I am safe because the staff are just down the corridor from me who can help me with anything I need help with.

I love my flat and it has helped me to be able to do more things and have my own space.

We hope Steven chooses to stay and continues to feel this way about his home for a long time!

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