On 14th September 2011, Care Housing Association was registered with the Tenant Services Authority, the Regulator of Social Housing at that time. We are proud of what we have achieved in the last decade, from our humble beginnings as a one-man team working from a small office in Samlesbury, we have grown to a team of 10 in our modern Rawtenstall office.  In 2011, we managed 25 leased properties for up to 74 tenants.  Now we can provide 358 tenancies, and 49 of these are in properties we own, providing a sustainable base from which to develop our services.  Whilst the demand in the sector, and the growth trajectories of other housing associations make these figures look relatively small, our focus has always been (and remains) on growing in a manageable way which protects the interests of existing and future tenants.

However, looking at numbers is not what we are about. The impact we have on people’s lives is what drives us each and every day. Over the past decade we have been involved in some innovative approaches to ensuring housing needs in the sector are met.  These include:

  • Long term planning – In 2012, Care completed a new build property specifically designed for four gents who require support to live independently. All four men had previously lived with elderly parents who have struggled and coped with offering a significant level of support to their sons, but were fearful that the situation could not continue as they got older. The gents, their support team, and the families were all heavily involved in ensuring the property reflected their needs and provided a sustainable home, with the incorporation of ground floor living, sleeping and washing facilities. The outcome was a fantastic, desirable property with the intention of providing a ‘home for life’.
  • Moving from residential to supported living – we helped to find supported living for a group of 19 individuals, all of whom had lived together in residential accommodation in Stockport.  They all knew each other and wanted to continue living with their friends. We helped find them 5 houses and involved them and their families each step of the way to ensure the accommodation met their needs and desires.
  • NHS England & Transforming Care – we have worked with NHS England to source accommodation for people who with complex needs who needed to live on their own.  In each case, the environment was crucial to achieving positive outcomes. Whilst very intensive, our efforts mean that 2 people are now living within the community in fantastic homes, but are still able to receive the support they need. We have a 3rd such scheme in the pipeline which we expect to be occupied in 2021.
  • Moving from Inappropriate housing – we have worked with several individuals who were living in sub-standard or inappropriate housing. This includes those living in properties in a state of disrepair, or those whose needs have changed and required alternative accommodation.  Our person-centred approach takes into account potential future-proofing issues, robust design, and a first class repairs service with the aim of providing sustainable ‘fit for purpose’ homes that people choose to live in.

We continue to put people at the forefront of everything we do and look forward to meeting the challenges and opportunities that the next decade will bring!

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