The End of September saw Care exchange on our latest property in Stockport.  This will become the home to 4 young people who are still living with their families but are ready to make the move to living on their own.  Their new home will be close to their parents so they can see them regularly but take that first step to living independently with support.

We’ve had our first meeting with the builders to decide what we are going to do with the house to best meet the needs of the people who will be living there.  The two bathrooms will be converted into wet rooms and have toilets in both, and one bedroom downstairs already has its own toilet.  This bedroom has already been chosen as this was a very specific requirement of one of our new tenants.

The back of the house will have a small one storey extension to expand the kitchen and a brand-new kitchen/diner will be fitted. 

Three people have already been chosen to live in the house and they will be working closely with ourselves, their families and their support provider to decide what colour they would like their bedrooms painted and what furniture they want in their rooms.  Care believe that working with everyone involved in the new house is important as that way we can make it the best place to live for our new tenants.

Keep checking the website to see how the house is progressing and take a look at a few pictures of how it looks before work starts.

Entrance hallway
Existing kitchen
Back of the house
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