In 2014, we set up the Care Foundation which provides a platform for Care’s tenants to meet some of their own aspirations or enhance their life in some way. This year, we have renamed the Care Foundation in recognition of the fantastic and selfless former Board member Rose Trustam, who sadly passed away in December 2020. Tenants can apply for up to £500 and we have previously approved many applications, including trips to football matches, provision of sporting equipment, and the funding of a laptop to help an aspiring DJ. This year, we have funded applications which perhaps reflect the need for people to stay connected and embrace the ‘great outdoors’ during the pandemic. Applications have included:

  • iPads to enable families to stay connected during lockdown
  • an outdoor pizza oven
  • a lean-to greenhouse
  • gardening equipment
  • outdoor furniture.

We are always delighted to receive pics from our tenants showing that they are enjoying the small contributions we have made via the Rose Trustam Foundation.

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