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In order to achieve fantastic results for our customers, we work with a range of different partners including:

  • Local Authority Commissioners

  • Housing Benefit departments

  • Support/Care providers

  • Social Services

  • Occupational therapists

  • Repairs, compliance and gardening contractors

By working together as a team with the same goal of improving the quality of life for our customers, we are able to develop happy, sustainable homes.

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Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks

Prior to moving to their home, the three tenants were living in the family house they had been raised in from early childhood. It’s clear that they felt truly “at home” in that property and enjoyed living in what was a brilliant location in an affluent part of Stockport. So it was always going to be difficult to try and match such an excellent property that also had a lot of emotional attachment. However, the fact that the service users and their mum were not only involved, but were at the centre of all the decision making – the location, the house, the internal décor –  made the world of difference in what could have been a difficult transition. The service users were consulted with regularly and enjoyed updates on the work in progress. They were offered meaningful choices and made valuable contributions which made the process much more exciting for them and gave them ownership of and attachment to the new property they were moving in to. The house is to a fantastic standard and  truly represents the personalities  of the people that live there. Thanks Care Housing Association!

Nicola Albiston, Independent Options 

 September 2021

Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks
Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks

Feedback from various support providers (Care’s December 2020 satisfaction survey):

Our housing officer is always VERY helpful, responds quickly to queries and helps to settle any issues we may have.

Thank you for your support.

Communication throughout the pandemic has been good, repairs service excellent with safety measures in place. Non-emergency repairs sorted without reminders once the lockdown measures changed. Regular contact via email with staff to keep updated about repairs, Covid-19 etc. – fantastic.

Our housing officer is very nice. We had an ASB issue with a neighbour which we could talk with her about. The way she did that was great. She went and spoke with the neighbour, dealt with it and there have been no issues since.

We have had repairs carried out during the pandemic and had a new cooker fitted and the service was as usual – excellent.    Also checking up on the tenancy each week regarding Covid-19 shows interest.

Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks
Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks

Email to one of Care’s housing officers 2020:

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to make the transition for my service user go smoothly. I have been impressed with how quickly everything has been sorted out and the efficiency with which any problems have been dealt with. Nothing has been too much trouble and your contribution to working together as a fantastic team has led to a positive outcome for the service user, despite the challenges that we have faced.

Social Worker
Learning Disability and Autism Service

Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks
Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks

As providers of supported living to people who have a variety of disabilities, across a spectrum of complexity, we need a housing provider we can work alongside who listens and responds to what both the service user and the service provider want and need. Care Housing does this with genuine interest and commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities and respect for the expertise of the service provider.

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We have many years’ experience, working with housing associations large and small and I can confidently say that none come close to the excellent service that Care Housing provide. Their repairs service is second to none, being both prompt and efficient. Repairs are carried out with respect and understanding of service user issues and needs. Care Housing deal efficiently with housing benefit applications and tenancy issues and actively share their housing management knowledge with service providers.

Team Leader
Preston based support provider

Care Housing Testimonial Quote marks
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